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What do au pairs actually do?

The responsibilities of an au pair can vary quite a lot. But whatever your host family`s needs may be - they should always be listed in your contract, that you sign before your au pair experience starts. Au pairs generally help out with childcare and light household chores. These could be things like: - Waking the children in the morning and helping them get ready for school - Preparing breakfast - Taking children to school/Kindergarten and picking them up in the afternoon - Helping children with their homework - Preparing/cooking snacks and dinner for children - Playing with children and preparing activities for them - Changing nappies (if family has a baby) - Doing laundry, ironing - Cleaning up after children have eaten, helping them clean up their toys etc. - Cleaning up after yourself - making sure your room is tidy, your clothes are washed etc. - Other simple tasks around the house the family needs help with You should not work more than 30-35 hours per week and you should have a clear understanding of what is expected of you before you sign your contract. If there are things you are not comfortable with, please tell your host family and talk them through before signing your contract. You should never feel like a servant or a full-time housekeeper with your host family.

Here is a list of questions to ask your host family before becoming an au pair and here are things to keep in mind for your safety. As an au pair you also receive 2 days of paid holiday for every month you work, so if you are with your family for a full year, you are entitled for 4 weeks paid holiday.

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