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  • Claudine Ndlovu

Study Advice

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Want to study? Great, but how to go about it, that is the question! The decisions of our studies are one the major decision we all face in our early adult life, if you are lucky you hit the right mark. One of the disadvantages which came with the internet is information overload. There is just so much information out there and unfortunately some of it is not true. A point in the right direction always helps:

Make your own choice– many students study what they do either because of the parents or family trend. This can be a recipe for disaster if that is not your passion or what you want to do. No matter how hard it may be to stand up against your family, do not make this mistake. Studying is one testing trial in life and believe me you, you don’t want to find yourself struggling with deadlines for term papers for something you do not love or want.

Do your research– once you have an idea of what you want to study, it is always helpful to read a little bit more about that study program and career choice. Find someone in the field and talk to them. Make a list as you go about it and clearly identify the pro's and con's. Once you are sure, then you can start the search for your university or college of choice.

Prepare your application well in advance– once you know what you want to study, you are on the home run. The only question left is where. Do you have certain preferences? Each university and college have their own culture, which one are you? Scout around, attend open days, contact recruiters from your university of choice, check out their website, FAQ´s and prospective student guidelines. Make an informed decision and most importantly go with your intuition!

Get the information form the source– in as much as asking friends, family and people in the community is helpful to build a first impression. It is very important to get your facts from the source. Information can take on a new meaning once encoded by one person and conditions and requirements are constantly changing, hence get into the habit of getting your information from the responsible person or office to avoid being misinformed or misled.

Be organised– being organised is a personal trait which will go a long way into how you are and how people perceive you. If you are organised it will be easy to keep deadlines and an overview of the activities in your life. Be it the old way with a journal or an app, do what it takes and take charge of your life.

Other than that, breathe, smile and live a little. The selective process may seem long and daunting but, it is fun and part of discovering yourself as you transcend into the next phase of your life. Remember it will be so worth it, once you start the right program at the perfect place.

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