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I`m pregnant - what do I do?

Being sexually active is a very normal part of adulthood and not something you should ever feel ashamed of. Germany is also a very liberal country when it comes to sexuality and being sexually active. Like most other developed countries, Germany has strong social and health care systems in place and there are several options you can choose from should you find out you are pregnant. First and foremost it is important to know that as a woman you have complete and total say over what happens to you. The decision to carry your pregnancy to term or to terminate it, is yours and yours alone and your partner or parents do not get to decide what you should do (that is if you are 16 or older). To make sure you can use all options available to you, finding out you're pregnant early on, is important. Pregnancy tests can be bought over the counter in most pharmacies (Apotheke) and drug stores. You can also ask a friend to buy one for you, if you feel afraid to do it yourself. A more reliable pregnancy test, to confirm a pregnancy, is carried out by a gynecologist. You can go to one without an appointment, if you suspect you are pregnant. All doctors are bound to keep your records private and confidential, so if you feel you cannot tell your partner/family/host family about your pregnancy, you do not have to. For a complete list of your rights and abortion please visit this link. Here you can also find a good overview of how to register your pregnancy with a doctor and what happens next, should you wish to carry your pregnancy to term and have a baby. To find out how abortion works and what you need to do to get one, please read this article thoroughly and follow the steps officially set out by medical professionals in Germany. For free and confidential counselling use this interactive map.

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