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University - what do I do to apply?

Once you`re:

  • done with your research,

  • asking people about their study experiences,

  • looked into different universities and

  • made a list of programs you are interested in

  • have made sure you have plenty of time before application deadlines... is time to apply.

For your applications:

  • Read the application requirements carefully.

Then read them again. And then once more. Just to be sure.

  • Gather all necessary documents.

You will probably have to officially translate your high school or higher education certifications to German, so make sure you have enough time to do that.

Once you have the official translation, a simple copy is fine for more applications - this way you do not have to pay extra fees for more official copies.

  • Fill out your applications correctly

Take time to do this. And check and recheck everything before submitting.

  • If you have questions about the application - check online first.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, then write to the university admissions personnel. (read this post about why it is important to search for things yourself first).

  • Attach ALL necessary documents to your application.

Sometimes this can be just 1 or 2, sometimes 7 or 8 . It depends on what you want to study and what this particular university wants to receive with its applications.

Note: sometimes universities state that some documents can be submitted after admission or during your first semester/year of study - like language certificates for example. This is different in all universities and with all study courses. Make sure to read the application requirements carefully and double check any questions you may have.

  • Make sure you send your application with plenty of time to spare.

Sending your application the day before the deadline, or even on the day, MIGHT still be ok, but DON`T! Some universities look at postage stamps with dates for cut off, some only consider applications that reach them by the deadline. Anything arriving after that will not be considered.

Many German universities have online application processes, but a lot of them also require you to send in your paperwork via regular post as well. Read the application requirements of your program and your application carefully for these notes!

A good rule of thumb is to send your application 2 weeks before the deadline (if you are in Germany) - then you can be sure it arrives at the university on time. Use special delivery option so you can check its arrival online.

By keeping these suggestions in mind you already maximize your chances of getting a place at a German university!

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