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How many culture shocks is too many?

Moving to a new country and living in a different culture is sometimes very weird. It is not just language that is new for you. The way people do things also varies a lot from country to country. As a foreigner in Germany this is something to keep in mind. This also means that the things you are used to doing every day might not be how they are done in your new home country. Everything from the way people eat breakfast, do laundry, go shopping, or sit on public transport can seem strange and different to you. That is ok! It's like that for everybody and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Just keep an open mind, try to look at things with humor, and hopefully you will have some funny stories to tell once you get used to everything. However if things are more serious than weird ways things are done and you experience hostility, racism or any other form of discrimination, reach out for help. Nobody should feel afraid or threatened in Germany and there are rules and regulations to keep people safe. If you want to prepare yourself or compare your cultural experiences to other`s, then there are a couple of good videos about this on Youtube. Our favourites at the moment are this one about life in Germany vs Vietnam and this one about stuff foreigners find weird about Germany. For a bit of light reading this article shows a few more funny things people find strange about Germany.


  • It's a different country, new experiences

  • Keep an open mind

  • Take everything with humor

  • Ask for help

  • Research, research, research

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