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How do I find university courses that I like?

Before applying to universities you have to do a lot of research. Especially if you are preparing to study in a foreign country. In the end you will have to be the one who decides, what you`re going to do with your life.

Every university in Germany has their own way of doing things, so remember - research, research, research!

Yes, it can feel super boring, but you are doing this for you and your future!

If you already know what you want to study - great! Google things like “studying accounting in Germany” or “How to study law in Germany” - whatever your interest is.

You will probably come across articles listing different universities or institutions, where these courses are taught.

You can also reach out to people already working in the field of your interest and ask them where they studied and how it was. Ask your friends for contacts, it is always a good place to start.

For finding courses taught in English use this search tool from DAAD.

Here is another list for degree programs taught in English. This list is specifically for Freiburg University - a big hot spot for international students in Germany.

After going through different options, make a list of programs that:

  • interest you the most,

  • are in places you could see yourself moving to,

  • are not out of your price range (some universities charge you for your study course)

  • have admission requirements you can meet (language requirement, study volume etc)

  • You have time to apply for (their application deadlines have not passed yet)

After that you are ready to apply!

So, remember:

  • research, research, research

  • ask actual humans about their study experiences

  • make a list of your favourite programs

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