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  • Claudine Ndlovu

Four Reasons You Might Want to Study in Germany

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Your choice of a study course and institution goes a long way into determining what kind of success you will enjoy in your career and, choosing to study in Germany is definitely a leap out of your comfort zone which might bring amazing net returns. These are my top four reasons, why l believe Germany stands out:

1. Quality and prestige– as the worlds largest fourth economy, highly developed and with a very high standard of living, Germany is one of the super powers. These strengths equally trickle into its education system, and a qualification from Germany is much respected and recognised world-wide. The top of the art Universities offers a rigorous training into your field of choice, and the rating system is very high and rigid. An A+, for example, known as 1.0, is a score of nighty-five to a hundred. A very high bar in comparison to other countries. Nonetheless the hard work pays off and you have all the support you need such as access to all resources both online and offline.

2. Low/ no cost– until recently education was totally free, but in 2017 the different provinces integrated tuition for international countries into their laws. Students from developing countries are however exempt in some provinces such as North-Rhine- Westphalia. There is no greater advantage as being debt free when you finish your studies, so if the opportunity exists why not grab it.

3. Different kind of study programs– Germany is a trendsetter and one of the countries which introduced education reform earlier on. One is spoiled for choice as to how they want to study. They have the traditional universities with lectures and exams, the applied universities (Hochschule)which are a blend of lectures and internship semesters for practical experience. They have the dual- studies for those who want to work and study simultaneously and, of course the famous German apprenticeship programs, which also blend theory and practical experience. Most universities and applied universities have study programs taught completely in English, and the latter usually require German language level B1. It is possible to reach this level within a year, and many language programs to this end exist.

4. Study environment– the study environment is very stable and as a student, one has many job opportunities during their course of study as well as after if you wish to stay on. You can manage to sustain yourself with a weekend job, a twenty hours per week job, a holiday job or a special student job referred to as a four-hundred and fifty mini job. As an international student you are allowed to work 180 days a year or 240 half days, and between your studies that is totally enough for your side gigs.

This was just a quick summary of my top four reasons, but there are several articles tackling these and more. Therefore, l would highly recommend a look into the following websites:

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