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  • Claudine Ndlovu

Aspiring AU Pairs

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

  • Do some research about what being an au pair and what it entails. Once you decide you still want to be an au pair, it is very IMPORTANT to research about the agency that you plan to use.

  • Make sure that you pick an agency that will be able to offer you support throughout your entire au pair year e.g. ensuring that your are being treated in a fair and humane manner by your host family, should you need to change families the agency should be able to assist to do these, be reliable and easily reachable should you face any problems.

  • Your contract is very important. Make sure that you are satisfied with its contents as there are very few laws protecting AU Pairs.

  • It also helps to find someone already in Germany so that you can also practise your German and be getting some information on what to expect.

  • Do some online research about the town you are going to, so you are informed.

  • Look forward to an amazing year!

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