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General Advice

  • Ask, ask and ask again! If have any question, always ask those in a position to help you.

  • Seek information from relevant sources (not just your friends).

  • If possible, do your own research before contacting others, so you can ask the right questions.

  • Use short questions. (Use the proper salutation when sending an email.)

  • Remember that it’s not a WhatsApp message to your friend. Use proper grammar and spelling (again check if you are not sure!).

  • Do not use vague statements like ‘ I want to study in Germany ‘ Then hit the send button. It’s highly confusing and the person on the receiving may not know exactly where to begin or what exactly you need to know or need help with.

  • Do not ignore CV requirements for Germany. Many countries have different ones but stick to the German Format. Google templates.

  • Do everything on time to reduce frustration.

  • Try to always send emails directly to your information sources rather than asking people who may not have the correct information you are looking for.

  • Never compare your situation with someone else’s (we can give examples).

What The Next Step Doesn't Do

  • We are not an application agency. If necessary, we may help you find one.

  • We won’t create your CV. However, we can review one you’ve already drafted.

  • We may not always have direct answers to your questions. However, we will always try to point you in the right direction—for example, a link to where you can get the answers you need. (If we send you a link, it will always have an English option). From that point, it will be up to you to actively continue your research.

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